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Data Communication Bound and Unbound Way

Technology has influenced communication in really positive manner in situation even we are at distant location. Data Communication comes from the same technological benefits. In communication data can be in the format of picture, text, video or video.

Data communication is known as transmission of digital of information to different electronic devices through wireless or cabled connections.

Data Communication is the exchange of data between devices via wireless technology or wire. Data communication involves networking of multiple computers through a wireless connection.

Since no physical connection is required and can connect multiple computers in a room by creating a wireless connection is much easier.

There are five network components in Data Communication:

  • Message
  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Medium
  • Protocol

The effectiveness of Data Communication system depends on three Fundamental characteristics delivery, accuracy and timeliness.

In bound data communication, coaxial cable, twisted pair cable and Fiber optic cables are used and in unbound data communication wireless technology exists.

There are many data communication companies who are devotedly serving the clients with their positive efforts in data communications. They provide their customers with networks for bound and unbound data communication.

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