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Computer Hardware

Physical aspect of a computer is called ‘Hardware’. Without the hardware, software program is nothing and without software, hardware cannot perform any task solely Computer hardware includes CPU (central processing unit), monitor, mouse, keyboard etc.

Below are the explanations of the crucial hardwares of computer:

Central Processing Unit: It is the central unit of some logical component and devices that help executing programs. It includes RAM, Hard-Disk, MotherBoard etc.

Computer fan: It is used to lower the temperature of a computer that maintains flow of air constantly.

Motherboard: A motherboard provides the computer system with a mind o take action using various applications.

Keyboard: Keyboard consists of multiple keys. It is the platform to interact with the computer or use application by typing single or multiple keys sometimes with the use of mouse.

Video Card: Video card generates and outputs the images to a display.

Mouse: It is a pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion.

RAM: It is the physical memory of a computer. It is used to store the currently running programs.

Sound Card: It enables the input and output of audio signals from and to a computer.

Hard Disk: It stores digital data on magnetic surfaces. All the programs and applications are stored on the same.

Webcam: It is used for video conferencing and instant messaging services.

Monitor : It is very much required to see the action we perform on the computer. It directs us to perform in better manner and makes visible the actions we take. It guides us while we take steps on the computer.

Above is the simple introduction to the different kinds of hardware. There are many other hardware and their uses. If you need computer hardware be it basic or advanced, computer hardware companies have lot to offer you. Here on this website you can find companies for computer hardware.

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