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Computer software is what that is designed keeping in mind some specific requirement to perform task. There are different types of computer applications or software for different purposes. Below are some of the examples of computer software:

System Software

There are many different types of operating systems for different purposes. System software synchronizes the entire system hardware and helps to create a platform for all other types of software to work in. Operating system (Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu etc), device drivers and utilities are included in system software.

Programming Software

There are many programming software such as are MySQL, Assembler 805, Turbo C, Xilinx etc. Compilers, debuggers, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) etc. are used to write other software programs and applications.

Application Software

Media development software Educational software, antivirus software are some of the categories. Application software helps to perform the tasks of our choice. There are many application software such as MS Office, Media Player, MS Access, Openoffice etc.

Below are some more other types of software:

Browsers- It allows you to access websites and surf on the internet. Some of the best browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.

Open Source Software- These softwares’ source code is open. It helps us to make changes to it and release our own version of it.

Content Control Software- Parental control software is the best example of this software. This will allow you to control the content that can be accessed by a user on a computer.

There is many more computer software available. These are some examples and overview of that.

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