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Software Development is the logical process of producing an application to perform certain kind of actions. Software development is classified into specific operations that are Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance.


Planning is very important in software development. The Planning phase includes the definition of the intended system, development of the project plan, and Parallel management of logical aspects.


Analysis includes collecting statistics.


Creating the architecture of the application is the most critical part. This is one of the important stages of the process and serves to be a benchmark stage.

Development and Implementation

The development and implementation phase is the phase where the main part of the project is done.


Testing phase is one of the final stages of the development process and this is the phase where the final adjustments are made before presenting the completely developed software to the end-user.

In general, the testers encounter the setback of removing the logical faults and bugs. The test conditions which are decided in the analysis phase are applied to the system and if the output obtained is equal to the intended output, it means that the software is ready to be provided to the user.


The toughest job is met in the maintenance phase which normally accounts for the highest amount of money. The maintenance team is decided such that they monitor on the change in organization of the software and report to the developers, in case a need arises.

The information desk is also provided with, in this phase. This serves to maintain the relationship between the user and the creator.

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